All About Bread

We’re often asked why our bread is so delicious, and with good reason - this is an important component of many of our menu items, like our loaded egg sandwich, eye-catching avocado toast, and grilled-to-perfection daily lunch sandwiches. Without high-quality whole-grain bread, these popular items just wouldn’t be the same.

And with so much talk nowadays about low-carb and grain-free diets, we feel some discussion around bread is in order. While we, Team Nourish, don’t stand for any one diet alone, we do our best to cater to the dietary needs and preferences of our valued guests. That’s why we offer both locally made whole-grain bread and certified gluten-free bread upon request.

When it comes to our locally made whole-grain bread, we’ve developed a strong relationship with one of the best bread makers in SLO - Breaking Bread Bakery. Here, the bread is made using the levain process, which is the French term for the sourdough method in which flour and water are combined, left to sit for an extended period of time - to ferment, and “fed” regularly with additional flour. This is referred to as the “starter” for the bread and is the main source of the characteristic tangy flavor of sourdough bread.

So, now you may be wondering what’s so special about the sourdough bread, right? Well, this fermentation process allows healthy bacteria to begin the digestion process for us. This is particularly beneficial in regards to a specific compound called phytic acid that is not easily digested in the human body, and can actually prevent other micronutrients (like calcium, iron, and zinc) from being absorbed (1). Scientists have tested and compared the different bread-making processes to determine which breaks down phytic acid best, and results showed that the sourdough/levain process wins (2).

While this doesn’t mean that anyone with celiac disease can suddenly digest breads containing gluten, it does imply that bread made using the traditional sourdough/levain method contains more biologically available nutrients and tends to be easier on the digestive system for most people. So, that’s good news!

Here at Nourish SLO, we prioritize nutrition, quality, and flavor, and that’s why we choose to serve locally made whole-grain levain bread. We want to serve you food with many nutrients and tons of flavor, so come on in and try a slice on our loaded egg sandwich, eye-catching avocado toast, and grilled-to-perfection daily lunch sandwiches. We know you will love it, and already can’t wait for you to come back for more!