Why do I have to Detox??

Lets face it, with all the toxic elements we ingest every day, our organs, especially our liver, can use a break.   So how do we cleanse our bodies while keeping up with our busy lives?
The most obvious and easiest thing you can use to detox is water.  Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will flush out your system.  But lets face it, most of us need a little more cleansing then just that.   Sweating is another simple tool.  Spend more time outside working out, and in the sauna.  Certain chemicals come out of our sweat more readily than our urine, the other main water-based detox system we have.

What else? Enforce a detox lifestyle rather than a quick one-time detox. Binge cleansing is not much better than binge eating, when you dont have the every day healthy habits in place to back it up, and its definitely not as fun.  Every day try to eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less meat and dairy, eat organic, buy toxin free personal care, get a sweat in… all these things done on a regular basis can be so beneficial. 

So while the annual sober January or 3-5 day detox isn’t a bad thing, it best to implement healthy practices into your daily life.